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Chris Butler

Chris Butler

Chris’ path towards the world of wine began from an unlikely place: a History Channel show on the history of beer. Inspired, he bought a handful of books on brewing, and after a sufficient amount of reading, he proceeded to destroy his parents’ kitchen. A few years of homebrewing led to the pursuit ofa B.S. in Fermentation Science and a B.S. in Microbiology from Oregon State University. There, Chris attended classes on winemaking and wine analysis, and being taken by the seasonal nature and variability of the wine industry, his focus shifted towards winemaking.

After graduation, Chris worked harvests in Washington and New Zealand’s Marlborough region, before enrolling at UC Davis in theViticulture and Enology Masters program. Since completing his coursework and research thesis at UCDavis, Chris has worked harvests at Selbach-Oster in Germany, Leeuwin Estate in Australia, and Chehalem Winery here in the Willamette Valley.Chris and his partner have finally planted roots in the Willamette Valley, and they are thrilled to be apart of the passionate winemaking community here. Chris joined the Cristom winemaking team in 2019 as our Enologist and Cellarmaster and was quickly made Assistant Winemaker. He looks forward to continuing the Cristom tradition of crafting wines that are expressive of time and place.

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