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Matriarchs of Cristom Vineyards
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Gaironn Poole


Growing up with her Father in the Texas wine industry, Gaironn thought she knew wine. It wasn't until 2002 when started coursework for her Sommelier that she realized she didn't know much at all. Her BS in Zoology from Texas A&M can at times be helfpul, though it's more often  her experience in managing a retail wine department, running a wine program for some of Portland's top restaurants as a Sommelier, selling wine for Oregon's most prestigious wholesale distributor, and finally co-running a winery with a sales focus, that gives her a wide perspective most days. With an eye for numbers, a logical mindset, and plenty of passion, she delights in helping launch new programs while extending the warm hospitality our region is known for. She is thrilled to be part of the Cristom Vineyards team as she sees it as “the North star of the Valley".