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Matriarchs of Cristom Vineyards
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Raechel Sims


A native Oregonian, Raechel was born and raised in Southern Oregon’s bucolic Rogue Valley on a tree nursery outside of Grants Pass. From an early age, she was fascinated with the native flora of her homeland, and the results that time and patience could render through farming – something that would serve her future wine career.

With writing and music as her first loves, Raechel attended the University of Oregon to study journalism and music, serving as Editor-in-Chief of the Oregon Voice, as well as a DJ for KWVA 88.1 FM. After interning with SPIN Magazine in New York City, she returned to her beloved Oregon and continued freelancing for Seattle Weekly and MIX Magazine while tending bar in the evenings. It was only a matter of time working in Portland’s thriving culinary scene until the inevitable happened: Raechel fell in love with wine. Slowly but surely her concert reviews and artist interviews gave way to restaurant reviews and wine recommendations, and her bartending gigs made way to wine steward and wine director positions.   

In September of 2009, Raechel had planned to enjoy a day of casual wine tasting with friends, beginning at Cristom Vineyards. She instead she ended up staying at Cristom for the entire day -- helping on the sorting line, hiking the extensive property with the winemaking team, and being invited to stay for lunch. It was the most singular hospitality and wine experience of Raechel’s life thus far; to say it stayed with her would be a vast understatement. When presented with the opportunity to join this phenomenal team in 2015, she leapt at the opportunity – and hasn’t look back since. 

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