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2007 Vintage Report

The 2007 growing season started off looking like a fantastic year with a warm spring that provided ideal growing conditions throughout bloom and fruit set.  Moderately warm temperatures persisted during the summer, with no major heat spikes, leading to nearly ideal fruit maturation going into late September.  Then some significant rain events began and did not let up until late October.  Unafraid of dreary, wet fall weather, we chose to let the fruit hang and allow the flavors determine the right moment to pick.  Some of our purchased fruit saw as much as four inches of rain just prior to being picked making dilution a challenge.  In the first wet vintage since 1997, and the coolest growing season to date at Cristom, we could have worried about the overall vintage – but we must admit we are thrilled with the wines and they are continuing to improve with some bottle age.  The relatively high acid structure in these wines makes them a contender to be very cellar worthy for the next 6-9 years.  In most instances, the fruit that was brought into the winery was generally lower in sugar, higher in acid, balanced pH, and great flavors.  Some would say 2007 was a grower’s year, where meticulous thinning, canopy management and spray routines helped the grapes to weather the storms. Literally.  Others contend it is a winemaker’s year, where the most experienced artists and scientists will be able to craft outstanding wines no matter what Mother Nature has provided for them.  We look forward to hearing what you think as we continue to fall in love with the vintage each time another bottle is opened.

2007 was, and still is, a vintage that cries out for food pairings. Chanterelles, morels, Dungeness crab, salmon, pork – you name it – these wines love and need food. There is a sweet core of fruit to these wines with racy acidity and great minerality that finish with crisp red berry characters. If you’re patient, we think you will be highly rewarded by this age worthy vintage that will continue to develop depth in the bottle.